AIC is responsible for managing a nitrogen allocation on behalf of its shareholders in accordance with our Land Use Consent which authorises farming activities by our shareholders within our command area.

AIC’s Nitrogen Management Policy

This provides the framework under which AIC’s nitrogen load is managed and accounted for.

Nutrient Policy (June 2017)

Three principles underpin the practical implementation of the Policy:

  1. That AIC not individual farms/shareholders hold and manage the nitrogen load and any headroom;
  2. Shareholders must keep AIC informed of their farming systems and apply to AIC for any change that may lead to a change in nitrogen loss. Farms do not hold a specific amount of nitrogen but instead are approved by AIC to operate a particular farming system;
  3. Approval of farm system change is dependent on farms being at, or on track, to meet GMP standards and sufficient nitrogen headroom being available to facilitate that change and are passing FEP audits with A or B grades.

We will consider applications for Farm System Change (FSC) twice a year in October and March.

Here is some information for anyone wanting to make a FSC application:

AIC Shareholder Nitrogen Mangement Briefing FEB 18

Shareholder QA Sheet Feb 18

FSC Applications March 2018