AIC has issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 31 May 2019 for shares in the Company to partially fund the development of a new Hurunui Scheme. The proposed scheme is a 7000-9000 hectare piped irrigation scheme on the south side of the Hurunui river encompassing the towns of Hawarden, Waikari and the Scargill Valley in North Canterbury. The proposed command area is limited to the Hurunui River catchment. This would become AIC’s fourth irrigation scheme. 

The proposed scheme is a smaller revised version of the one originally proposed by Hurunui Water Project Limited (HWP) and will utilise some of the consents held by HWP along with unused water within the AIC schemes, when available.

AIC is offering A Shares pursuant to the PDS as the issuer of the shares. The offer will be open from 10 June 2019 until 26 July 2019.  The PDS can be viewed here: Product_Disclosure_Statement_(Hurunui_Scheme) 


A copy of the PDS and all other associated documents can also be obtained from the Disclose Register here: by searching Amuri or OFR12656


The key milestones for the development of a Hurunui Scheme are:

Presentation to Hurunui Farmers on 22nd May 2019

Copies of presentations:

David Croft Presentation

Hamish Gilpin presentation

Matt Iremonger Presentation

Jansen Travis Presentation

Recordings of the presentations can be found here:

David Croft       

Mike Satterthwaite


Matt Iremonger 

Hamish Gilpin   

Jansen Travis