This page is for staff only and includes video guides to how to use and update your website using the WordPress system. These are a guide using the standard options at the time of build and as WordPress continually grows and adapts to online requirements and changes in technology they will become dated froma visual perspective, but in general the principles are the same.

** Note – these should be viewed in conjunction with your user guide.

There is also a guide to a Free program for resizing photos on your computer easily before loading them online.

How WordPress Works

The Dashboard

How to add / edit pages

How to add an image gallery to your website.



Advanced Tips

Jetpack Stats – how to read


What are Tags?

Here is a basic guide for clients on what post tags are.


Light Image Resizer

This is a FREE program that I recommend to most clients who do not already have photo/image manipulation software like Photoshop. This program is great for resizing photos to use online in websites which you own and where file size can affect costs (not like Facebook which is free at present.)

This program can also add watermarks and copyrights to photos easily and is ideal for clubs and sporting organisations where costs are always a factor. The only drawback is that this is built for Windows operating systems, so those people with Apple Macs and iPads will have to use something from the Apple stable.

You can read about and download the program from here

Please be careful during setup as part of them giving this program for free they have addons during setup which you need to untick else you may end up with extra toolbars. Call me if you have problems.

Video 1 – How to resize photos basic (30 secs)

Full video tutorial for using Image Resizer (6 mins)

Watermarking Photos (2.45min)