Balmoral SchemeThe Amuri Irrigation Company Limited (AIC) was incorporated in April 1990 by the then Amuri Plains Irrigation Association to purchase of the Waiau, Balmoral and Waiareka community irrigation schemes from the Crown.

AIC is run by an elected Board of Directors made up of farmer shareholders and an independent director. Shares are tradeable between farms and new shareholders may subscribe. However shares must be tied to a land title within the consented area.

Shares in AIC are allocated at one share per irrigated hectare. For spray irrigation, this is a maximum flow rate of 0.6 litres per second per hectare and for border dyke, a flow rate of 385 litres per second delivered on a roster system. The conversion to spray irrigation is actively encouraged now 93% of irrigation is spray.

AIC aims to be a trusted and progressive irrigation company, efficiently and sustainably supplying reliable water.

Water charges are set at the lowest sustainable cost to make water available at an affordable price while implementing the Company’s vision. This strategy has provided a catalyst for spectacular increases in pasture production in the area.