Amuri Irrigation receives positive support for revised Hurunui Irrigation Scheme.

In November Amuri Irrigation Company (AIC) issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for shares to fund a revised Hurunui Irrigation Scheme. The PDS closed on Thursday 28th November and Amuri Irrigation received sufficient interest to advance to the next stage of design and development.

The proposal is for a 2-3,000-hectare piped irrigation scheme to supply farms near the North Canterbury towns of Hawarden and Waikari. This area has suffered significantly from the impact of drought over recent years and an irrigation scheme will bring opportunity and certainty to those farming in the area.

“We are excited to have passed the first hurdle and are another step closer to delivering a viable scheme to the South bank of the Hurunui River. We are pleased to receive the continued support of farmers in the area and that our efforts over the last year have resulted in a positive response to our latest PDS. While there is still much work to do before we can proceed with the option, it is heartening to continue our forward motion on the project,” said David Croft, Chair of AIC.

The proposed scheme is a smaller alternative to the 6-7000-hectare scheme proposed by AIC earlier in the year which did not proceed due to insufficient support. The revised scheme was developed through engagement with local farmers and builds upon the hard work of the community over many years. Water will be taken from an intake on the south bank of the Hurunui River and rely on consents held by the Hurunui Water Project.

The positive support of the latest PDS allows AIC to move into the next phase of detailed design development which will take some months to complete.

AIC ensures that all its farmers hold Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) and new irrigators will need to use efficient irrigation systems and have FEPs in place prior to being delivered any water. FEPs specify the on-farm actions to meet Good Management Practice (GMP).

“AIC takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and the new Hurunui Irrigation Scheme is an opportunity to showcase efficient irrigation and sustainable development from the outset.” says David Croft.

We will ensure that our community is kept well informed as development of the scheme progresses.


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