Amuri Irrigation issues Product Disclosure Statement for Hurunui Scheme.

Amuri Irrigation Company (AIC) has issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for shares to fund the proposed Hurunui Irrigation Scheme.

The share offer opens on 10 June 2019 and closes on 26 July 2019.

The proposal is for a 7,000-9,000-hectare piped irrigation scheme to supply farms in the vicinity of the North Canterbury towns of Hawarden, Waikari and Scargill. This scheme will be comprised of 6000-7000 hectares of new irrigation and 1000-2000 hectares of existing irrigation. Water will be taken from a proposed intake on the south bank of the Hurunui River and distributed to farmers through 100 kilometres of pipeline. This area has suffered significantly from the impact of drought over recent years and an irrigation scheme will bring opportunity and certainty to those farming in the area.

The offer of shares for the proposed Hurunui Irrigation Scheme is the culmination of a lot of hard work by the community over many years. In the last year, AIC has taken on the mantle to shape a viable proposal for irrigation and is now very pleased to present this opportunity to local farmers. said David Croft, Chair of AIC.

The proposed scheme is a smaller alternative to the 21,000-hectare scheme previously proposed by Hurunui Water Project which did not proceed due to insufficient support. AIC has engaged with local farmers and believes a smaller scheme is viable.

A smaller scheme also reduces the risk of effects on water quality. Farmers will typically irrigate less than half of their farms, making irrigation viable for existing sheep and beef farmers. The resource consents for operating the scheme have strict conditions to mitigate the environmental effects of the proposal. AIC takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and any new irrigators will be subject to the same stringent requirements as existing shareholders.

AIC ensures that all its farmers hold Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) and new irrigators will need to use efficient irrigation systems and have FEPs in place and prior to being delivered any water. FEPs specify the on-farm actions to meet Good Management Practice (GMP).

“AIC is driven to continue to improve water quality within the existing irrigated area, which has been irrigated for almost 40 years. Current shareholders are subject to a water charge that is being used to improve water quality and deliver positive environmental outcomes. The new Hurunui Irrigation Scheme is an opportunity to showcase efficient irrigation and environmental responsibility from the outset.” says David Croft.

We will ensure that our community is kept well informed as development of the scheme progresses.


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